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100 kW CHP Microturbine

Elliott Energy Systems, Inc. has been designing and supplying microturbines since 1997. Our experience has made us

a leader in microturbine technology. Located in Stuart, Florida, USA, Elliott Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebara Corporation of Tokyo, Japan. Ebara values contributing to society by providing superior technologies and services related to power, energy, water,

air, and environment. Ebara Corporation has been supplying industrial equipment and solutions for over 90 years. Elliott Energy benefits from Ebara’s experience ■ and large knowledge base, which has ■ enabled the development of products like

the one presented here. ■

The TA100 CHP is packaged as an ■

efficient combined heat and power (CHP) ■

genset. Our Microturbine CHP system is ■

capable of producing 100kW of electrical ■

energy and 172kW of thermal power per

hour. Cogeneration usage can consist of

hot water, absorption chiller or drying

system applications. Depending upon the ■

user application, overall total thermal ■

efficiency could be greater than 75%.

Main Features:

Rated Power Output


The compressor is a rugged stainless steel radial flow design. The approximate pressure ratio is 4 to 1.


Combustor is designed with the aid of advanced computational fluid dynamics capabilities and precision tested with high accuracy flow systems to provide reliable starting, robust operation during onload/ offload, extended life, and low NOx and CO over the entire operating range.

High Speed Alternator

The electric power is generated through a 4 pole, permanent magnet alternator rotating within an oil cooled stator assembly. The stator assembly is energized as a motor during initial start-up reducing the need for auxiliary starting hardware.


The radial super-alloy turbine provides design margin and long life capability to provide energy to drive both the compressor alternator.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is an air to liquid tube and fin counter current flow design, fired by the exhaust gas. The tube and fin materials have been selected to provide long life, maximum thermal energy recovery and allows for potable water applications. The outlet liquid temperature is dependent upon inlet liquid temperature and liquid flow.

Power Electronics

The output from the alternator is converted into 480 or 400 VAC, 60 or 50 Hz, depending upon the needs of the end-user.

Control System

The control system provides automatic control of the CHP System, Turbine and Engine protection features as well as complete control of engine, starting, speed, safety systems , and outside communications.

EESI #51 Rev. 1


Thermal Noise

Electrical Data Parallel Ready Voltage Output Amps Frequency Output Circuit Operating Mode

100 kW @ 0.8PF

at 59oF/ 15oC, Sea Level 172 kW/ 587,000 BTU/ hr Outdoor <62 dBA @ 10 m Indoor <75 dBA @ 1 m

400/ 480 VAC

200 Max

50/ 60 Hz

4-Wire Wye

Island & Grid Connect)

Standard Equipment:

Integral Gas Compressor Integral Heat Recovery Unit (Stainless Tube & Copper Fin) Remote Interface

RS485/ Modbus

Automatic Voltage Regulation

Battery Charger

Single Stage Dry Type Air Filter Corrosion Resistant Hardware Digital LCD Touch Panel

■ System Protection Including: ❒ Under and Over Voltage

❒ Under and Over Frequency

❒ Over Current, Over Temperature Optional Outdoor Kit (NEMA 3R, IP 44) Battery Start

■ CE Certified

* Photo is shown without intake hood and exhaust flange. ©2005 by Elliott Energy Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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