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Dakota Station, Reliant Energy Minnegasco, Minneapolis, MN

Natural Gas Liquefaction Plant PEAK SHAVING • CHP

A Utility that Practices

and Preaches Energy Efficiency

Designed to Reduce Consumer Energy Costs, a Gas Liquefaction Plant

Keeps its own Energy Budget under Control with Capstone MicroTurbines

A Utility Manages its own

Energy Budget

The public looks to utilities to produce and deliver affordable, dependable energy. But utilities are consumers as well, with the same requirements for clean, economical energy as their customers. When Reliant Energy Minnegasco (, Minnesota’s largest natural gas distribution company serving Minneapolis and more than 240 other communities, needed to reduce electricity costs at its liquefied natural gas production and storage facility, they selected a Capstone

MicroTurbineTM combined heat and power (CHP) system.

Dedicated to providing economical, dependable energy for customers, Dakota Station uses Capstone MicroTurbines for the site’s own economical, dependable energy solutions.

A Facility Dedicated to Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

Located 10 miles south of Minneapolis, Minnegasco’s Dakota Station liquefies and stores natural gas during spring and summer off-peak months when commodity gas prices are lower. When the plant is in holding mode for the rest of the year, electricity demand at the plant’s liquefaction section drops to 15 to 30 kW, with power

deployed primarily for lights, air compressors and security systems.

Minnegasco buys electricity under a uniform general services rate consisting of an “energy” component and a “demand” component. The energy component is a fee per kilowatt-hour consumed. The demand component includes a fee for the peak used during the month and an additional fee (ratchet demand) based on the consumer’s peak usage during the previous 12 months. Minnegasco installed a Capstone C30 to


Reduce energy costs for a gas liquefaction facility whose energy usage varies widely throughout the year.


The Capstone MicroTurbine generates onsite electricity for peak shaving to lessen the amount of power taken from the grid while creating usable heat energy, further lowering overall energy costs.

The Capstone C30 MicroTurbine arrives for duty at Reliant Energy Minnegasco’s Dakota Station.


• Reduces energy costs by offsetting grid demand

• Reduces maintenance costs versus other generator technologies

• Reduces emissions versus other generator technologies

• Realizes further energy savings through cogeneration for plant heating and dehumidification

• Facilitates utility’s program to lower prices and improve service to their own customers

• More than 19,000 hours of highly reliable service for Capstone C30 MicroTurbine

• More than 8,000 hours of highly reliable service for Capstone C60 MicroTurbine

reduce Dakota Station's energy, demand and ratchet demand charges.


Image | A Utility that Practices and Preaches Energy Efficiency

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