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Astor Chocolate

Creating great products with the finest Belgian chocolate is expensive, so Astor Chocolate selected Capstone MicroTurbines® to ensure sweet success.

Extremely reliable power is critical throughout the chocolate- making process, which requires liquefying and tempering large vats of chocolate and storing finished products with exact temperature control. Costly power outages and brownouts are a threat to both product quality and profit margins.

Astor Chocolate’s Plant Engineering Manager, Joe Verschleisser, said, “We installed five Capstone C60 microturbines in 2005 to enhance our already developed cogeneration design and to go further green with the latest technology.”

Astor Chocolate is located in Lakewood, New Jersey, an area not known for reliable electrical power, despite the best efforts of Jersey City Power & Light. Astor Chocolate selected Capstone distributor RSP Systems in Brooklyn to help design and install a trigeneration system that simultaneously addressed Astor’s power, heating, and cooling needs.

Bruce Beckwith, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at RSP Systems, summed it up: “We recommended Capstone microturbines as a premier hybrid solution because of their excellent value

and reliability.”

The five natural-gas Capstone C60s provide up to 300kW of electricity that support 50 – 80 percent of Astor’s daily electrical needs. A ‘load-following’ capability powers down two microturbines at night due to New Jersey’s lack of net-metering functionality.

Capstone is a leading supplier of highly efficient microturbine generators that run on a variety of fuels. Astor Chocolate reviewed


At a glance


Lakewood, New Jersey, USA


January 2006


Natural gas


• 5 Capstone C60 microturbines provide the majority of the 120,000-square-foot facility’s secure-power needs through a combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) system.

• Each C60 features an integrated Capstone Heat Recovery Module.

• Microturbine-heated water ows to a 100-ton absorption chiller that uses the

heat energy to create air conditioning for the building and nished chocolate products.


• The microturbines are programmed to run 24/7 with a 99% uptime.

• The 300kW onsite power system covers 50 – 80% of the Astor Chocolate facility’s electricity needs.

• More than 2 million BTUs of thermal energy provide the hot water supply, heat the building and support a 100-ton absorption chiller.

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