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Application Guide

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) Technical Information


This document presents technical information for using an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) with

Capstone Turbine Corporation® Model C30/C60/C65 MicroTurbineTM systems. At present, the ATS functionality described herein is available through ASCO Power Technologies when equipped with accessory ‘7E’.

The Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) enables protected loads to transfer operations between utility power and MicroTurbine power. The ATS contains built-in control logic that continuously monitors the primary source of power to the load. When the primary source fails, the ATS automatically transfers the load to the backup source. Either the MicroTurbine or the utility may be designated the ‘primary source’; the other is described as a ‘backup source’.

The ATS is different from another Capstone product - the Dual Mode Controller (DMC), in that continuous MicroTurbine-to-load connectivity is provided by the DMC. Both the DMC and ATS have the capacity to automatically switch control to the MicroTurbine in case of power failure. However, the DMC ties the MicroTurbine to the load at all times, using a switch disconnect located on the grid-side. The ATS allows only one source at a time to power the load.

The ATS has additional attractive features:

o AutomatedMicroTurbinebatterychargingwithoutloadconnectivity

o Adjustabletimedelaytoaccountformomentarytransientpowersurges o Remoteoperationfortestorpeakshavingapplications

o ExercisermodetochargeMicroTurbinebatteries(whileoff-line)

The diagram below shows ATS-to-MicroTurbine power connectivity:

Capstone MicroTurbine

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Electric Utility Grid

Protected Loads

480040 Rev A (April 2008)

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Capstone reserves the right to change or modify, without notice, the design, specifications, and/or contents of this document without incurring any obligation either with respect to equipment previously sold or in the process of construction.

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