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C30 Raw Natural Gas MicroTurbine Performance Specifications(1)

Electrical Performance

Electrical Power Output

Voltage Electrical Service Frequency

Maximum Output Current

Electrical Efficiency LHV

Fuel/Engine Characteristics

Raw Natural Gas HHV

Inlet Pressure

H2S Content

Fuel Flow LHV

Generator Heat Rate LHV Exhaust Characteristics Exhaust Gas Flow

Exhaust Gas Temperature

Dimensions & Weight

Width x Depth x Height

Weight - Grid Connect Model Weight - Dual Mode Model Certifications

30 kW

400 to 480 VAC


50/60 Hz, Grid Connect Operation 10–60 Hz, Stand Alone Operation

46A, Grid Connect Operation 54A, Stand Alone Operation(2)


825 to 1,275 BTU/scf

55–60 psig (3.8–4.1 barg)

< 70,000 ppmv

394,000 BTU/hr (415,000 kJ/hr) 12,200 BTU/kWh (12,900 kJ/kWh)

0.69 lb/sec (0.31 kg/s)

530 ̊F (275 ̊C)

30 x 60 x 77 inches

891 lbs (405 kg) 1,271 lbs (578 kg)

Classified UL 2200 and UL 1741 for raw natural gas operation (UL file AU5040)

Meets statewide utility interconnection requirements for California Rule 21 and the New York State Public Service Commision Materials Equipment Acceptance (MEA) approval for New York City

Models available with optional equipment for CE Marking

(1) Nominal full power performance at ISO conditions: 59 ̊F, 14.696 psia, 60% RH (2) With linear load

Specifications are not warrantied and are subject to change without notice.

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