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C600 600kW Power Package Liquid Fuels

Achieve lower emissions and reliable electrical/thermal generation with diesel fuel.

• Lower utility costs – 33% electrical ef ciency over a very wide operating range

• Cost savings – low maintenance air bearings require no lube oil or coolant

• Ultra-low emissions – better than tough, global standards

• High availability – partial load redundant, technology

eld proven over tens of millions of operating hours

• Easy, low-cost installation – integrated utility synch and

protection, modular design

• 5 and 9 year Factory Protection Plans available

• Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities

• Upgradable to 800kW or 1MW with eld installed

Capstone 200kW power module

C600 Power Package

Electrical Performance(1)

Electrical Power Output Voltage

Electrical Service Frequency

Maximum Output Current Electrical Ef ciency LHV

Fuel/Engine Characteristics(1)

Liquid Fuels Inlet Pressure Fuel Flow HHV Net Heat Rate

Exhaust Characteristics(1)

Exhaust Gas Flow Exhaust Gas Temperature Exhaust Energy


400 – 480 VAC

3-Phase, 4 wire

50/60 Hz, grid connect operation

10 – 60 Hz, stand alone operation

870A RMS @ 400V, grid connect operation 720A RMS @ 480V, grid connect operation 930A, stand alone operation(2)


Diesel (ASTM D975-07b Grade Low Sulfur No. 2-D) -14 to +35 kPa gauge (-2 to 5 psig)

7,200 MJ/hr (6,840,000 BTU/hr)

10.9 MJ/kWh (10,000 BTU/kWh)

4.0 kg/s (8.8 lbm/s)

280°C (535°F)

4,260 MJ/hr (4,050,000 BTU/hr)

Reliable power when and where you need it. Clean and simple.

Image | C600 600kW Power Package Liquid Fuels

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