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Service Bulletin SB0090

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August 2008

Capstone Technical Support

C65 Liquid Fuel MicroTurbine Software Version 2.02 Release

Systems Affected

All Capstone Model C65 Liquid Fuel MicroTurbine systems.


C65 Liquid Fuel MicroTurbine Software v2.02 replaces v2.00 and 2.01 Beta for C65 liquid fuel systems. Upgrading to v2.02 is recommended for all C65 liquid fuel systems.

Primary changes in v2.02 include enhancements for the use of biodiesel including variable purging durations, and resolution for nuisance Inverter Power On and Self Test faults. Changes are detailed below.

Version 2.02 Updates

• The duration of the fuel purging sequence prior to lightoff has been made variable so that it may be customized for different liquid fuel applications. The default duration is 30 seconds for diesel #2. The duration may be lengthened for the use of biodiesel. This variable, LFPRTM, may be adjusted from 0 to 600 seconds. The site should be configured to purge long enough to completely exchange the remaining fuel in the system with diesel #2, and ensure the system lights on diesel #2. Similarly, at shutdown, a variable duration purge has been added to clear the fuel train of biodiesel after the shutdown command is issued, so that the fuel train is replaced with diesel #2. This ensures biodiesel does not coagulate in the fuel system during cold weather. The default for this shutdown variable, LFPGTM, is 30 seconds, and it may be adjusted between 0 and 600 seconds. This fuel purge occurs during the cooldown state.

• The fuel commands at lightoff have been optimized to reduce over-fueling in case of a fail-to-light. These changes will minimize smoke after lightoff.

• Fixed the system state machine transition logic to properly sequence the system off from the Prepare-To-Start system state when a user stop is commanded.

• Eliminated the gaseous fuel system leak detection logic since it is not applicable to liquid-fuel-based systems.

450082 Rev A (August 2008) Page 1 of 2 Capstone reserves the right to change or modify, without notice, the design, specifications, and/or contents of this document without incurring any obligation with respect to equipment either previously sold or in the process of construction.

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