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Service Bulletin SB0089

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August 2008

Capstone Technical Support

C6X MicroTurbine Software Version 4.50 Revision M Release

Systems Affected

Capstone Model C6X MicroTurbine systems with LCM HCB-SA subassemblies.


Version 4.50 M – C6X MicroTurbine Software v4.50 Rev M replaces v4.50 Rev L and earlier, for C6X systems with LCM HCB-SA subassemblies. This version is a maintenance release to incorporate fixes for several nuisance issues. Changes are detailed below. Upgrading to v4.50 Rev M is primarily recommended for Stand Alone-based systems which are utilized at low power levels.

Version 4.50M Updates

1) Resolved a nuisance 4011 SW COMPAT fault when the system was at DISABLE state or at FAULT state.

2) Enhanced the software upload process to resolve intermittent warnings (11000 GDSP SPI COMM and 11001 IDSP SPI COMM) while uploading the Generator and Inverter software through CRMS. Similar enhancements were made for the Fuel Controller software upload process.

3) Updated the MicroTurbine software to fix CRMS pop-up warning windows that occurred when uploading software. CRMS pop-up warning windows resolved were “System Not Idle” and “System Is Not In Download State”.

4) Resolved a nuisance occurrence of the Warning Fault # 6016 Inverter Power Fold Back. This condition occurred while the system operated in the Stand Alone Load state when the Battery State-Of-Charge level was low.

450081 Rev A (August 2008) Page 1 of 2 Capstone reserves the right to change or modify, without notice, the design, specifications, and/or contents of this document without incurring any obligation with respect to equipment either previously sold or in the process of construction.


Software v4.50 should ONLY be installed on C6X MicroTurbine systems with an LCM HCB-SA subassembly; it is NOT compatible with an LCM ICB subassembly. Failure to observe this caution will prevent proper operation of your MicroTurbine system.

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