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The HRSR Series is designed to receive total liquid flow, reduce gas temperatures to desired levels, and lower exhaust noise reducing the need for a muffler. The modulating exhaust bypass assembly will allow the temper- ing of exit temperatures to achieve optimal heat recovery. The radial design allows finned tube access for clean- ing and inspection. A single row of finned tubing with optional removable SwagelokTM compression fittings, pro- vides maximum thermal efficiency and easy access for cleaning, inspection or replacement.

The HRSR is engineered for vertical or horizontal operation, combustion capacity up to 4000kW, and entering gas temperature up to 1,250°F to match the needs of your specific application.


Federal Research Center, Silver Spring, Maryland Recovering exhaust heat from Wartsila 5.8 mW engine generator; cooling 15,857 SCFM from 716°F to 310°F; and heating 210 GPM of water from 194°F to 270.8°F.

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Metro Airport Detroit, Michigan

Recovering Exhaust Heat from (3) Wartsila 5.7 Megawatt, Engine Generators; cooling 18,373 SCFM from 698°F to 320°F; and heating 175 GPM of water from 250°F to 350°F.

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