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Capstone Accessories

This is a partial listing of accessories available directly from Capstone Turbine. A number of other accessory devices are available through 3rd parties.

PowerServer (512675-101)

Networking device to multipack up to 100 microturbines. See separate documentation (512317) on this option.

Dual Mode Controller (DMC)

The Capstone Dual Mode Controller (DMC) automatically transfers the microturbine from Grid Connect operation to isolated StandAlone operation when a utility outage occurs. When operating in StandAlone mode, the microturbine powers protected loads during the outage. When utility power is restored, the DMC can be set to automatically return the microturbine to grid connect service. The DMC also allows the microturbine to be used as an automatically dispatched standby generator. Numerous DMCs are offered in various voltage and current ranges. See catalog or price list for specific part numbers.

Battery Charger for C30 and C60 (512933-001)

The 1000 watt DC output power supply provides low noise, precisely regulated, variable DC output for charging either C30 or C60 battery packs. Each unit includes overvoltage protection and thermal shutdown as standard features. Universal AC inputs allow global use of line voltages without resetting switches or adding outputs. Voltage range is 0-330VDC; current rating is 0-3.2 amps. The Battery Charger (512933- 001) includes:

• Charger

• Power Cable

• Charging Cable for C30 and C60 Battery Pack

• User Instructions


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