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Capstone Clean Cycle 125kW Waste Heat to Electricity Generator

The Capstone Clean Cycle waste heat-to-electricity generator uses an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) to

capture normally wasted heat from a wide range

of sources, turning excess heat into clean-and-green electricity while raising the net ef ciency of your system. Advanced power electronics and a sophisticated integrated power module join oil-free, low-maintenance magnetic bearings and non-ozone depleting refrigerant to achieve highly-ef cient thermal energy-to-power output while still respecting the environment.

The compact, skid system’s fundamental components include:

• Power Electronics: Next-generation design turns high-frequency output into utility-friendly

power without the need of expensive capacitors

• Self-Centering Magnetic Bearings: No oil and low maintenance translates to minimal downtime

• Integrated Power Module: High speed turbine expander with highly-ef cient alternator

is sealed in one small unit with only one moving part

• Environmentally Responsible: Safe, ozone-friendly refrigerant

The Capstone Clean Cycle 125kW waste-heat to electricity generator is one of the components in the Capstone C500 Clean Cycle HE System.

• ORC Technology with zero emissions

• Flexible heat-temperature input from as low as 121°C (250°F)

• Ease of synchronization with local utility

• Ready-to-integrate and ef ciently designed with minimal footprint

• Highly reliable with only nominal maintanence and ownership costs

• Only one moving part and no gearbox in the integrated power module avoids expensive upkeep

• Magnetic bearings need no oil or lubricants

• The ORC utilizes a PLC-based control system, offering easier integration with customer

monitoring and plant management systems

• Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities with web-based gateway

• Flexibly designed for both local and remote control

• Ability to capture heat from many systems including engines, boilers, solar thermal installations,

industrial heat stacks, and microturbines

• Packaged options available

Capstone Clean Cycle 125kW

Features and Bene ts

Reliable power when and where you need it. Clean and simple.

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