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NMHC Non Methane Hydrocarbons

NO Nitric Oxide

NO2 Nitrogen Dioxide

NOx The sum of NO and NO2

NPCC Northeast Power Coordinating Council NSPS New Source Performance Standard NSR New Source Review

O2 Oxygen

O3 Ozone

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer

PM10 Particulate Matter less than 10 microns

ppm Parts per million

PSD Prevention of Significant Deterioration RACT Reasonably Available Control Technology RECLAIM Regional Clean Air Incentives Market

ROG Reactive Organic Gases

SCAQMD South Coast Air Quality Management District SERC Southeastern Electric Reliability Council

SIP State Implementation Plan

SO2 Sulfur Dioxide

TGNMO Total Gaseous Non-methane Hydrocarbon THC Total Hydrocarbons

VOC Volatile Organic Compounds

WSCC Western System Coordinating Council

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methane hydrocarbons nitric nitrogen dioxide northeast coordinat council source performance
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