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Capstone Turbine Corporation 21211 Nordhoff Street • Chatsworth, CA 91311 Website:

Capstone MicroTurbine 2005 - Training Courses

Capstone is pleased to announce the following Capstone MicroTurbine System training course offerings and pricing for 2005:

NOTE: Companies sending three (3) or more attendees to the training class receive a 10% discount off the price of enrollment. The Authorized Service Provider (ASP) and Factory Trained Installer (FTI) courses can be combined for the reduced price of $2,295.

• Authorized Service Provider (ASP) #CT-ASP-STN: 5-day course that trains individuals as Authorized Service Providers of the Model C30, C60 and HEV systems. Course completion is required for all individuals who will perform any warranty work on the MicroTurbine systems. $1,895.

• Factory Trained Technician (FTT) #CT-TEC-STN: 2-day course (held first 2 days of the ASP course) that trains individuals to do preventative maintenance on the Model C30, C60 and HEV systems. $1,195.

• Factory Trained Installer (FTI) #CT-INS-STN: 2-day course that trains individuals on how to properly install the Model C30 and C60 systems. This course is required for all individuals who will be installing (or certifying the installation of) a MicroTurbine system. $1,195.

• Advanced ASP #CT-ASP-ADV: Invitation only 4-day course that provides individuals with more detailed troubleshooting techniques and a higher level of CRMS. $3,695.

• Web Based Training Recertification CT-ASP-WBT: Annual renewal through this online course is required for all ASPs in order to update the ASP certification and continue working on the Capstone MicroTurbine systems. Individuals will receive an e-mail specifying the due date and instructions for this course. $225.

For more information about the following courses, eligibility requirements, and registration forms, see the Capstone Training Agreement found in the Members Only section of our Website.

If you do not have access to the Members Only section, contact the Training Administrator for a copy of the Capstone Training Agreement at: 818-407-3796 or

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Capstone Turbine Corporation (Customer Service Department) reserves the right to cancel, reschedule, and/or relocate classes due to insufficient enrollment, inclement weather, instructor illness, or any other reason. We will, of course, attempt to limit these instances. When such changes are necessary, we will provide notification as promptly as possible under the circumstances.

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