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Capstone MicroTurbine - C65 Internal Gas Train Test Procedure SPP0001

This document describes the procedure for checking the internal Woodward pressure transducer for correct calibration and ASCO Block valves and interconnecting pipe work for leakage.

This testing procedure is based on the external valve train being sound. If any doubts exist in regard to this then the external valve train should be validated PRIOR to this testing procedure being carried out.


This document presents information to allow an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) to correctly test the pressure transducer and ASCO valves.

Conduct service in a clean, well-lighted area using normal shop tooling to avoid damage to delicate components.

Retain all parts removed for use at assembly, unless otherwise specified. Discard all parts as noted in this document.


Only Capstone Authorized Service Providers (ASP’s) are to open the MicroTurbine and other equipment connected to the MicroTurbine. The systems can include multiple sources of power.

Observe and adhere to the Safety Precautions listed below when servicing your MicroTurbine. Read and become familiar with the General Safety Precautions and Instructions contained within the MicroTurbine User’s Manual.

Before servicing:

 Check to ensure that the inlet fuel supply is SHUT OFF;

 Always check to ensure that your MicroTurbine is de-energized from the utility. Isolate and lock out the

utility (if applicable);

 Isolate and lock out any other sources of power to the MicroTurbine. For example, connections to the solid

state relays in the MicroTurbine Communications Bay;

 Isolate and lock out any sources of water pressure and flow to the Heat Recovery Module (HRM). For

example, turn off water pumps and close shutoff valves connected to the HRM;

 Open the Stand Alone battery circuit breaker, lock it in the OFF position, and then unplug the battery


 Wait at least five minutes after disconnection from utility before servicing to allow for electrical energy


 Observe all safety precautions to prevent Injury or death.

Required Tools:

 10mm Socket and Drive

 7/16” Socket and Drive

 3/8” Socket and Drive

 1/8” Hex Driver or Wrench

 Torque Wrench

 Capstone Remote Monitoring System (CRMS)

 Air Pressure Gauge

Aquatec-Maxcon Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to change or modify, without notice, the design, specifications, and/or contentsofthisdocumentwithoutincurringanyobligationeitherwithrespecttoequipmentpreviouslysoldorinthe process of construction.

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