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Capstone Microturbine Cogeneration Installation


Construction Initiated:

April 2006

Startup Completed:

August 2006

Facility Dedicated:

October 2006

Project Goals


TST Inc.


Four Capstone C60 Microturbines producing a total of 240kW in parallel with the electric Utility to reduce energy imported from the grid.

High temperature ducting to transfer the 600F microturbine exhaust into the foundry process to offset natural gas used in traditional burners.

The TST Inc. foundry in Fontana, California, produces aluminum ingot, billet and other bulk aluminum forms from recycled aluminum scrap. In an effort to control power costs and improve overall plant energy efficiency, TST contracted with Alliance TST Energy, LLC to install a 500 kilowatt (kW) fuel cell cogeneration system to deliver electricity and thermal energy to the TST facility. In a separate, concurrent project, TST installed four 60-kW Capstone C-60 microturbines in a similar cogeneration installation at the TST site.

Image | Capstone Microturbine Cogeneration Installation

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