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C250 & C370

Capstone plans to uprate the performance of the C200 unit to offer a new product – the C250 – that will produce an additional 50kW of power. The electronics updates and improvements to engine components will raise the fuel ef ciency of the turbine from 33 percent to 35 percent. This uprating will allow Capstone to manufacture the C1000 product with four C250 microturbines instead of the ve C200 microturbines needed now, providing for a sign cant component cost-savings when producing only four units per C1000 instead of ve. Alternatively, Capstone will be able to offer a C1250 using ve C250 turbines, offering only a nominal price increase to the current production cost of the C1000 while providing an extra 250kW of power. The development

of Capstone’s C250 product is part of a cost-sharing program

with the Department of Energy.

Additional to the use of the C250 in a C1000 or C1250 con guration is the intended deployment of the C370, Capstone’s latest innovation in progress. The low-pressure C250 spool will combine with a second spool, similar to an aircraft engine. This will allow

a higher pressure ratio, affording a higher ef ciency and a higher power-density when compared to other units with the same power output. Not content to simply innovate a product based on compactness and cost-savings, the C370 is also projected to have an ef ciency nearing 42 percent, one of the highest in the industry. Though being among the highest ef ciencies around is a feat where some companies might rest easy, Capstone also has the option of coupling the C370 with the 2010-acquired Organic Rankine Cycle Clean Cycle, boosting overall ef ciency to

a stunning 52 percent.

The thermodynamic cycle for the proposed C370 will utilize both a high pressure and a low pressure spool, as well as a dual property high temperature turbine.


Capstone is constantly focused on innovating new products and looking towards the future.

Cost Share programs such as those with the Department of Energy allow Capstone to consistently be on the cutting-edge of the power generation industry.





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