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Publication Title | COPELAND CONFIDENTIAL DC-DC Power Supply Reliability Issue

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Subject: DC Power Supply Reliability Issue

Mark Gilbreth – Director of Capstone Customer Service Mark McCormick - Copeland Corporation

November 16, 2001

Sent Via e-mail

Dear Mark,

Recent Capstone-Copeland testing of our DC powered fuel gas booster (Copeland Model SZN22C1A-BBX-201) has revealed a potential reliability issue with the DC-DC power supply (760VDC-24VDC) used in our system. This model of fuel gas booster is used with the Capstone Model 60 microturbine. The DC-DC power supply, supplied to Copeland by Capstone, requires additional cooling beyond that currently supplied. We have jointly worked with Capstone to develop a service kit that provides proper cooling.

Approximately 81 fuel gas boosters are affected and require the installation of this service kit. All units affected were shipped to distributors from Capstone directly, approximately during the months of June-Sep of 2001. Note that some Copeland fuel gas boosters had this service kit installed at Capstone prior to shipment to the distributor. Attached is a list of serial numbers for the systems affected. Should any distributor have a system with one of these serial numbers, that does not have the kit already installed, they need to contact Copeland directly (800-996-4660). Copeland has these service kits available for immediate shipment, at no charge to the distributor.

NOTE: Failure to install the DC-DC power supply fan may significantly reduce power supply life, possibly leading to power supply failure and will void the system warranty.

We look forward to addressing this field issue in the coming weeks. Please give this matter immediate attention. I can be reached at 937-493-2844 for further questions.


Mark McCormick

Business Manager

Copeland Specialty Scroll Division

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