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Copeland Corporation Specialty Scroll Division

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Microsoft Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 Macintosh OS 8.1 or higher

Minimum 32 megabytes of RAM

16-bit stereo sound card and speakers CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive

PowerPoint 95 or higher or a PowerPoint Viewer Acrobat Reader 4.0

If You Don't Have The Required Programs:

If you don't have Acrobat Reader or PowerPoint then click on the folder entitled "Installers". Choose the folder that applies to your operating system. For example, if you have a Macintosh, choose the "Macintosh Computers" folder.

There are two files within each folder. There is one file called acrobat and one called pptviewer. You will need a decompression software program in order to decompress these files such as WinZip or Alladin for the Mac.

Once you have these programs you can operate the training module.


This training manual provides step-by-step procedures for proper installation, operation, and maintenance of the Copeland Scroll Fuel Gas Booster. Product information, performance data, and safety precautions are also included to make the manual a complete training aid. This training manual is provided electronically in PowerPoint so that it can be easily viewed on a computer. Print paper copies of the manual by accessing the printing versions that

are located on this CD-ROM. For more information on printing and navigation, click the HELP button at the top of the training module screen.

Getting Started

First, make sure your computer’s volume is turned on. To begin this training program, choose the file entitled "TRAINING MODULE 1.0". You should hear sounds on the first screen, if you do not then your volume is not turned on or your external speakers are not operating properly. Check your computer’s manual for troubleshooting sound issues.

Navigation and Printing instructions are included in the HELP section of the module. Please read carefully before using the program.

Image | Copeland Corporation Specialty Scroll Division

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