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CR200 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels

World’s largest air-bearing microturbine produces 200kW of clean, green and reliable power.

• Ultra-low emissions

• Accepts renewable fuels with up to 5,000 ppm H2S content

• One moving part: Minimal maintenance and downtime

• Patented air bearing: No lubricating oil or coolant

• 5 and 9 year Factory Protection Plans available

• Remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities

• Integrated utility synchronization and protection

• Small, modular design allows for easy, low-cost installation

• Proven technology with ten of millions of run hours and counting

C200 MicroTurbine

Electrical Performance(1)

Electrical Power Output(2) Voltage

Electrical Service Frequency

Maximum Output Current Electrical Ef ciency LHV

Fuel/Engine Characteristics(1)

Digester/Land ll Gas HHV

Inlet Pressure

Fuel Flow HHV Net Heat Rate LHV H2S content


NOx/Electrical Output(3) Exhaust Gas Flow Exhaust Gas Temperature Exhaust Energy

200 kW

400 to 480 VAC

3-Phase, 4 wire

50/60 Hz

290A RMS @ 400V, grid connect operation 240A RMS @ 480V, grid connect operation 33%

13.0 to 22.4 MJ/m3 (350 to 600 BTU/scf) 20.5 to 32.6 MJ/m3 (550 to 875 BTU/scf) 517-552 kPa gauge (75-80 psig)

2,400 MJ/hr (2,280,000 BTU/hr)

10.9 MJ/kWh (10,300 BTU/scf) <5,000 ppmv

0.14 g/bhp-hr (0.40 lb/MWhe) 1.3 kg/s (2.9 lbm/s)

280°C (535°F)

1,420 MJ/hr (1,350,000 BTU/hr)

Exhaust Characteristics(1)

NOx Emissions @ 15% O (3) 9 ppmvd (18 mg/m3)

Reliable power when and where you need it. Clean and simple.

Image | CR200 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels

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