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Publication Title | Dynamic Performances of Split-Shaft Microturbine Generator (MTG) and Diesel Generator as Distributed Energy Resources

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ISSN (Online) 2321 – 2004 ISSN (Print) 2321 – 5526


Dynamic Performances of Split-Shaft Microturbine Generator (MTG) and Diesel Generator as Distributed Energy Resources

Bikash Das1, Debapriya Das2

Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering,Supreme Knowledge Group of Institutions,Mankundu, India1 Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India2

Abstract : This paper presents the dynamic analysis of load following performances of split-shaft microturbine generator (MTG) and Diesel Generator systems considering P-I type load following and P-I type speed controllers under stand-alone mode of operation. In this paper microturbine system coupled with a synchronous generator (SG) is considered. The dynamic performances of split-shaft MTG and Diesel Generator system are also examined when they are connected together to satisfy the load demand. Finally, the MTG and diesel generator systems are connected to an 11 kV rural distribution network to examine the transient behaviour during active power injection. Simulation result for all the cases are analyzed and presented in this paper.

Keywords: Distributed Generation ( DG ), Split-Shaft Microturbine Generator( MTG ), Diesel Generator, Speed Controller, Load Following Controller, Distribution Network


With recent technological development and to cope with rapidly increasing load demand, distributed generations (DGs ) become an inseparable part of power generation and distribution system. Supplying electric power to the final user through generation, transmission, and distribution system causes high amount of power loss. By adopting distributed generation system this losses can be reduced and also it will be possible to supply electric power to the rural areas where utility grid can’t supply electric power. DGs have various benefits to the customer, utilities, and to the environment. DG can be defined as "small and medium size modular electric generation system near to the load"[1]. The examples of DG sources are Solar cell, Wind turbine, Microturbine, Diesel Generator, Fuel cell etc. DG sources can operate in stand- alone mode as well as when connected to the utility grid. To integrate DGs in the existing electric network several technical regulatory and industrial aspect need to be followed [1]. Microturbine and diesel generator are very common example of DG. Microturbine generator ( MTG ) are useful for peak load saving customer’s base-load requirements. It can also be used for stand by and cogeneration application. Diesel Generator is well known generating system for back up supply and to supply electric power to the rural areas.

Microturbine is a part of general evaluation of gas turbine technology with improved performance and efficiency. Microturbines are small and simple cycle gas turbine with output ranging from 25 kW to 500 kW. Low emission technology which is incorporated in MTG system makes MTG system as an environment friendly generation system. MTG can run on different fuels like natural gases methane, ethanol, other land fill gases, and diesel. There are two type of MTG system. One is high speed single shaft unit with the compressor and turbine are mounted on the same shaft as the electric alternator; the

turbine speed of single-shaft MTG system is mainly ranges from 50000 rpm to 120000 rpm. Due to this high speed of the turbine the alternator generates electric power at high frequency (1500 Hz – 4000 Hz), which is converted to the rated frequency by using a power electronics interference. The other type of MTG system is split-shaft MTG system in which the shaft of the turbine is connected to the shaft of the generator via a gear box. Gear box is used in the system to multiply the speed. Split- shaft design of MTG system uses power turbine which rotates at 3000 rpm / 3600 rpm and generates power at rated frequency. So electronics interference is not required. Synchronous generator or induction generator can be used in the design of MTG system. Details development of Microtrubine technology is discussed in [2,3,4].

Diesel Generator is a combination of diesel engine which runs on diesel and an electrical alternator which converts the mechanical power generated by diesel engine into electrical power. Diesel Generator is a very reliable source of electrical power. It is used in house as well as in industries. The output power range of Diesel Generator is from few kW to few MW.

The dynamic modeling of MTG system has been studied by several researchers. Load following performance of MTG system is studied by Zhu and Tomsovic [5], which shows that the MTG system is capable of providing load – following services. El-sharkh et al [6] have studied the load following performance of MTG system with fuel cells. El-Sharkh uses speed controller to keep the speed deviation of the system to its nominal value. Jurado and Saenz [7] have proposed an adaptive control technique to control the system for hybrid power system application with fuel cells. Bertani et al [8] have studied the dynamic performances of MTG system in stand-alone and grid connected mode of operation. Ho et al [9] have studied the

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