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(Inter System UCB)

J6 (Inter LCM) W104 (510076)

W103 (510075)

LED D29 Intra C

LED D34 +24V

J9 (Intra System) W102 (510074)

J4 (Engine) W101 (510073)


(PDM Heatsink Therm)

J8 (Pwr Supply) W205 (510090)

LED D32 Intra A

J2 (Brake IGBT) W203 (510088)


J1 (Gen IGBT) W201 (510086)

J3 (Voltage Sense) W202 (510087)


LED D22 (Inter Communication)

LED D28 (Intra B)

LED D35 (+5V)

J5 (Fan Power) W206 (510091)

ECM Control Board (509141)

Image | ECM Control Board Diagram

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