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Education Data Center

Syracuse University

Escalating demand for greater computing capabilities and data storage meant Syracuse University needed to replace its outdated data center, which had been housed in an old brick building for decades.

The University – regularly ranked among the Top 100 in the United States – responded with the opening of the Green Data Center, one

of the world’s most energy ef cient and green data centers. The 12,000-square-foot facility, which opened in December 2009, is designed to use 50 percent less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases than traditional data centers.

Key to the center’s energy savings are 12 patented Hybrid UPS MicroTurbines® from Capstone Turbine Corporation that power the entire facility. Capstone’s Hybrid UPS is the rst onsite power system to integrate clean-and-green C65 (65kW) microturbines directly

with a dual-conversion UPS to provide power for mission-critical loads.

The low-emission microturbines are the heart of an innovative trigeneration – or combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) system – that further boosts the data center’s energy ef ciency. Capstone distributor BHP Energy integrated the design of the CCHP system so

the 12 natural-gas microturbines produce electricity and supply heat and cooling power to the data center and a nearby building.

Capstone Microturbines: Heart of Energy Savings

Traditional data centers rely on power from the utility and have banks of batteries that keep servers and equipment running during

a short power loss. A stand-by emergency diesel generator is typically used for longer outages.

At Syracuse, the Capstone microturbines allow the data center to be isolated from the utility, yet draw on the utility as a backup power source.

At a glance


Syracuse, New York, USA


December 2009


• Natural gas

• Propane-air mixture as backup fuel if

natural-gas system fails


• 12 Capstone C65 Hybrid UPS microturbines used in a CCHP application.

• 2 150-ton Thermax® absorption chillers.

• Cain Industries heat exchanger.

• Validus® high-voltage AC-DC recti er.

• A 40-ton EnerSys® battery bank to carry

the data center’s maximum load for 17 minutes in rare catastrophic situations.


• The data center is one of the world’s greenest. It is designed to use 50% less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases than traditional data centers.

• Capstone’s Hybrid UPS generates power while also using utility power to meet the center’s electrical load demand. This allows the system to operate at the optimum point, which is a balance between electrical requirements and heating and cooling demand.

• The power system always operates in an N+1 redundancy con guration with the high level of reliability required by a productive data center.

Image | Education Data Center Syracuse University

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