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Electromechanical aspects of a micro-CHP system


Marko Merdzan Room: IM 0.02


In a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system a heat engine is cou- pled with an electrical generator with the goal of producing both elec- tricity and useful heat (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Functional schema of the micro CHP system.

The micro-CHP system developed at Micro Turbine Technology BV combines a gas turbine with a very-high speed generator so as to provide 3 kW of electrical power for small enterprises (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Micro CHP system in a building.


In order to make the CHP system cost-effective at such a low power, the efficiency of the thermal to electrical conversion needs to be raised beyond the state-of-the-art level.

The project is focused on performance of the electrical components of the system, particularly the high-speed generator and the high- frequency converter (Figure 3). Analysis, modeling, improvements and tests of those components will be performed in order to maxi- mize total efficiency of the electromechanical conversion within the micro-CHP system.

Figure 3: Electrical components of the micro-CHP system.


Efficient operation of the gas turbine imposes the demand for very high rotational speed of the generator - 240,000 rpm. The perma- nent magnet machine has been chosen as the generator type since this technology is the most promising for high-speed machines: it of- fers high efficiency and very high power density at low volumes. A high-frequency power converter is required to enable bi-directional power flow between the generator and grid.


This research is being conducted at Eindhoven University of Tech- nology, within the Electromechanics and Power Electronics (EPE) group of the Department of Electrical Engineering, and at Micro Tur- bine Technology BV (MTT) in Eindhoven.

/ Department of Electrical Engineering - Electromechanics and Power Electronics

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