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FACT SHEET Flex-MicroturbineTM ArizonaDemonstrationProject


This project is funded by the State of Arizona through the Department of Energy’s NICE3 program, and matched with support from the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota (UND) has been subcontracted by Flex-Energy, the developer of the Capstone Flex- MicroturbineTM to provide a trailer mounted biomass gasification system. The demonstration project will be located in Cameron, AZ on the Navajo Reservation at a log home manufacturing site. The site is owned by Indigenous Community Ventures (ICV) who utilize typically low value round wood to manufacture their product.

(Product of Indigenous Community Ventures & Example of a 30 kW Microturbine)


Demonstrate a mobile power plant in use at a commercial enterprise converting biomass residue to electric power via a gasification Flex- MicroturbineTM system.


The EERC has been contracted by Flex-Energy to provide a commercially viable portable biomass gasification system capable of producing 90 kW of electric power. The EERC is primarily responsible for the following.

• Procurement and design of a portable biomass gasification system.

• Integration with 3 Flex-Microturbines supplied by Flex-Energy through Capstone Turbine Corporation.

• Operation and documentation of the system at a facility in Arizona.


As of 11/25/03, the EERC has constructed the gasification system and procured all major equipment. Flex-Microturbines are under construction and a prototype has acquired 1500 hours of run time on bottled low Btu gas. Shakedown testing of the entire system is expected in March 2004. A 3-month demonstration is planned at ICV .

(150 kW Biomass Flex-MicroturbineTM Power Plant)


This project will establish an economic base line for the technology and further commercialization. Small biomass power technologies provide a better fit to available resources than large power plants, and gasification provides an economic alternative to steam based power production for small scale facilities.


o A portable power plant provides the opportunity to mitigate forest fires by converting forest residue that would typically be left unused.

o Utilization of waste residue as a renewable fuel saves landfill space, and costs.

o Emissions from decay are reduced and a zero-net gain of CO2 is obtained. Emissions relative to coal fired power generation are offset.

o Options for self-generation of power from biomass provides stimulus to rural economies.

o Increased energy security

Image | FACT SHEET Flex-MicroturbineTM ArizonaDemonstrationProject

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