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Factory Protection Plan

Full factory support for the long-term operation of your Capstone MicroTurbine system.

• Increased availability, minimized downtime

• “No surprises” service costs

• Scheduled service at factory-recommended intervals

• Spare parts availability at regional distribution centers

• Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Capstone’s Factory Protection Plan provides peace of mind for our customers. The most important issue for onsite- power system owners is the assurance that your system will operate when needed and perform as intended at the lowest total cost of ownership. Only a Factory Protection Plan from Capstone Turbine Corporation allows you to x your maintenance costs and keep your system operating at optimal performance.

Plan A – 5 year or 39,999 trh,1 Parts ONLY, NO Overhaul Plan B – 5 year or 39,999 trh, Parts & Labor, NO Overhaul Plan C – 9 year or 79,999 trh, Parts ONLY, with Overhaul Plan D – 9 year or 79,999 trh, Parts & Labor, with Overhaul All available for the following levels of annual trh:

• < 4000 trh/yr

• 4000-6000 trh/yr • > 6000 trh/yr

The Capstone Factory Protection Plan is end-user exible, so we can customize a plan for your installation and provide complementary products and services to meet your unique operating needs. Capstone will work with you to determine the best strategies to maximize productivity and minimize maintenance costs for your system.

Factory Protection Plan Options

Reliable power when and where you need it. Clean and simple.

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