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March 17-18, 2015 • Pennsylvania Convention Center • Philadelphia, PA

Globalcon 2015: Strategies to Meet the Next Generation of Energy Challenges Presented by

Energy and facility managers need to address the future energy challenges, including the pressure to reduce energy consumption as a result of Climate Change Initiatives; the impact increased electrical rates have had on energy project planning; and the shift to low cost natural gas and new op- portunities for the energy industry. The opening session will highlight Exxon Mobil’s Outlook to Energy: A View to 2040, by Rob Gardner, Manager, Economics & Energy Division, Corporate Strategic Planning, Exxon Mobil. GLOBALCON 2015, presented by the Association of En- ergy Engineers (AEE), is the one place where building own- ers, facility managers and energy professionals can stay up to date on new technologies and developments in the energy eld and hear about the latest innovative and cost-conscious project implementation strategies.

Policy & Trends

Philadelphia Gas Works, Bronze Sponsor for GLOBAL- CON, has put together a session on local policy and pro- grams for the speakers to discuss why the nation’s energy market naturally ows through Philadelphia. Local experts, from the Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team and Gladstein, Neandross & Associates will present on Phila- delphia’s attractive energy market and unique opportunities.

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities and the New Jersey Energy Resilience Bank will feature speakers dis- cussing clean energy nancing. The Energy Resilience Bank was designed to address a repeat of the devastating impacts of SuperStorm Sandy and will provide $200 mil- lion for municipalities to nance clean resilient power solu- tions. The bank’s rst solicitation will be for resilient power projects at water and wastewater treatment facilities, with solicitations for other types of critical facilities to follow.

Building Energy E ciency

Following several years of development, demand re- sponse has now started transforming wholesale markets and reducing costs for ratepayers. Featured speakers include Laurie Wiegand-Jackson, Senior Vice President for IP- Keys Power Partners, Sandra Goeken, President of Goeken Group, and Susan Covino, Senior Consultant, Emerging Markets for PJM Interconnection, LLC. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear building success stories and discover useful information on these projects. Abbe Bjorklund, Vice President for Sebesta Blomberg & Associates will discuss Retro-Commissioning at the Boston Logan International Airport, lessons learned and critical success factors.

Energy ef ciency upgrades and projects are being imple- mented in the Mid-Atlantic as buildings are being rebuilt or restructured. Attendees will learn the success factors con- tributing to Massachusett’s Innovative Accelerated Energy Program, which has been ranked the top state in the nation for energy ef ciency policies and programs. Joseph Vitel- la, Manager of Business Development for Ameresco, will present the energy savings on the successful energy savings performance contract with the United States Air Force at McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey.

Combined Heat & Power

The Mid-Atlantic Clean Energy Application Center has put together an informative session on CHP again this year at GLOBALCON. This session will address the new issues that will impact the future growth of CHP in the Mid-At- lantic region. Attendees will discover the bene ts of CHP and hear several success stories from Tom McGeehan, E- Finity Distributed Generation and James Knight, Bucknell University.

In a new session on Saving Money in Water Systems, attendees will discover insights into the PJM Sequential Re- serve Market and hear success stories from the Philadelphia Water Department. Richard Crane, Senior Technical Engi- neer with T&M Associates will present on a CHP system for a Municipal Water Treatment Facility, the goals for the project and the end results.

Energy Management

Leaders in the energy procurement eld and energy ex- perts from higher education, healthcare, commercial & real estate will discuss energy ef ciency projects and opportuni- ties, how to recognize and avoid pitfalls, and how to pro- vide guidance to address them. Featured speakers include Robert Berninger, General Manager of Plant Operations for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; William Broad- hurst, Campus Energy Manager for Princeton University; and Dana Schneider, Vice President of Energy & Sustain- ability for Jones Lang LaSalle.

Energy Managers from various healthcare campuses will share innovative planning and implementation, as well as lessons learned. Robert Mulrooney, Vice President of Fa- cilities & Services for Christiana Care Health System and Kevin McCarthy, Senior Director of Building Systems & Operations for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, will present on planning and projects from CHP to Lighting Up- grades and Retro-Commisioning.

Association Energy Leaders

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Association of Energy Engineers

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Association of Energy Engineers

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Show offers $200 discount for early registration, courtesy of

Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)

The Association of Energy Engineers, presenter of GLOBALCON 2015, has announced a V.I.P. conference discount offer of $695 for reg- istrations made prior to March 6, 2015. For registrations submitted prior to this deadline, attendees will save $200 off the regular registration fee of $895.

AEE points out that this discount offers huge potential savings for or- ganizations that want to maximize their education budgets and could take advantage of this special opportunity to send more of their employees to this premier Northeast event.

This offer excludes AEE membership fees, seminar fees, and any charges relating to exhibiting at the GLOBALCON Expo. This V.I.P. dis- count offer may not be combined with any other discount offers nor with package rates and is valid only for the GLOBALCON 2015 show.



Simply attach this coupon to your completed registration form and return with your payment prior to the registration deadline of March 6, 2015.

Visit and enter discount code GCEarly1 in coupon box next to your conference selection.

To qualify, simply attach the discount coupon at right to your completed registration form and send it along with your payment prior to the March 6, 2015 deadline. To register with this discount online, enter discount code GCEarly1 in coupon box next to your conference selection.

Free interactive workshop presentations in Expo hall

These interactive presentations will give you vital data and proven methods for cutting energy expenses, providing state-of-the-art operational improvements, as well as demonstrating how the new products and services on display can have practical applications for your business.

In addition, a number of recognized industry ex-

perts will offer case studies, retro t success stories,

and system integration techniques that can be ap- plied immediately in your organization to increase ef ciency and improve pro tability. A sample of the workshops presented at GLOBALCON 2015 include:

• Addressing the Excessive Energy Use of Constant Volume Rooftop HVAC Systems

• ISO 50001 / SEP - International & American Energy Standards

• Greening Yesterday’s Labs

• Making it Happen: How to Navigate Solar Energy

Finance and Power Purchase Agreements

• Sealing the Weakest Part of the Building Envelope

• Advances In ZigBee Wireless Outdoor Lighting


• How to Grow Your HVAC Business without Adding

More Resources!

• Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meters for Energy Sav- ings in High Performance Buildings

• Saving Kilowatts with Milliwatts

• Window Film Measurement and Veri cation

• Retro tting Submeters for Cost Savings and Compli-

ance with Emerging Municipal Energy Initiatives

• Destratify for Energy Savings

• How Mobile and Web Technologies Can Improve En-

ergy Audits

• Green Roots Sprout Greener Pro ts

• Reducing Compressed Air Energy

• How Gas Fired Infrared Heating Systems Maximize

Energy Ef ciency and Improve Building Performance

• Increased Demand for Grid Independent CHP Sys- tems Given Frequent Outages

• Power Monitoring: When, Why and How

• Liquid Desiccant Dehumidi cation & Cooling for En-

ergy Savings and Optimal Indoor Air Quality

• Gas- red Infrared Technology and Comfort Solutions

Event sponsorships still available

Exhibiting companies at GLOBALCON 2015 can maximize their

exposure and improve their marketing reach by becoming of cial

event sponsors. Among the options available for sponsorship are ex- hibit hall coffee, receptions, and related promotional items.

For those companies interested in pursuing this option or inter- ested in obtaining more information on speci c sponsorship opportu- nities still available for GLOBALCON, please contact Lauren Lake at the Association of Energy Engineers. You may phone her at (678) 687-4997, or you may contact her by email at


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