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Eastern Municipal Water District

The combination of a half-century of steady population growth,

a staggering multi-million dollar annual energy bill, and high summer peak energy loads left the Eastern Municipal Water District (EMWD)

of Southern California in need of more resources to continue to go with the flow. Enter nine Capstone C60 MicroTurbines® to provide grid-parallel power to the EMWD Operations and Maintenance Center.

Located on an expansive 50-acre campus in Perris, California, EMWD has over 600 employees onsite and contains 100,000-square- feet (9,290-square-meters) in administrative offices along with 80,000-square-feet (7,432-square-meters) of maintenance shops. “Annual energy consumption at this one location alone is several million dollars a year,” said Peter Odencrans, the District’s Senior Public Affairs Officer.

What began in 1950 as an organization to secure additional water for the then sparsely-populated area of western Riverside County,

the EMWD has today swelled into one of the county’s largest water districts. The EMWD encompasses a 542-square-mile (1,400-square- kilometer) service area in a location that has consistently ranked as one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States since 1960. Today, the District manages not only water service, but sewage collection, water desalination, and water recycling.

With fewer than 30 average days with any measurable precipitation each year and higher than average California temperatures, the EMWD’s desert-like climate means extremely high summer peak loads.

“We try to manage our summer peaks especially, and what’s been very helpful is through these Capstone microturbines we have been

At a glance


Perris, California, USA


August 2002


Natural Gas


• Eight 60kW Capstone microturbines in a combined cooling heating and power (CCHP) application.

• One 60kW Capstone microturbine operating as a combined heat and power (CHP) unit.

• 3,000 MBTU/hr heat exchanger.

• 150-ton absorption chiller.

• 300-ton evaporation tower.


• CCHP system power offsets 1/3 of utility use during peak times.

• Off-peak, the microturbines produce more power than facility needs.

• Microturbine exhaust funneled to absorption chiller cools the 100,000-square-foot (9,290-square-meter) building.

• Peak load for the facility is 1,300kW.

• Average electrical power demand is 380kW.

• Energy costs reduced US$42,000 each

month — over half a million US dollars


• Projected payback period is 2.5 years.

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