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Edar de Rubi Rubi, Spain

The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Edar de Rubi was realized by the Barcelona-based company Micropower Europe S.L., a joint venture between the Spanish AESA Group and the Swiss company Verdesis Suisse SA, the exclusive Capstone distributor for the Spanish and the Portugal markets.

Since November 2006, the WWTP of Rubi

has re-evaluated its biogas using Capstone microturbines to create heat and power. This micro-cogeneration installation with three CR65 microturbines and an external heat exchanger

has become an important reference site for other wastewater treatment plants of Spain where the combination of biogas treatment and the ef cient use of biogas have obtained excellent results.

“Before we decided to install Capstone microturbines, the biogas was used to warm up the digester and the rest was all burned in the torch. Now, after a year of experience with the micro-cogeneration plant, we can say we have saved a lot of money on our electricity bills, covering our peak demands during the day,” said Ms. Sandra Rovira, the Chief Manager

of the WWTP in Rubi, Spain.

Three 60kW Capstone microturbines running on biogas generate heat and power at Edar de Rubi WWTP in Spain.

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