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Government/Municipal Oil & Gas

Bolivia Pipeline Compressor & Pumping Stations

In Bolivia, Capstone MicroTurbines® are pushing the country’s rich natural gas resources to market faster, thus advancing Bolivia’s energy exports to nearby countries and boosting the country’s economic- development funds.

Bolivia has the second-largest natural gas reserves in South America after Venezuela. The Bolivian government recently nationalized its gas elds and pipelines, buying out private ownership to maximize state revenues. Today, Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) is the state-owned petrol company of Bolivia.

When YPFB’s gas- and liquids-transporter subsidiary – YPFB Transporte SA – needed to boost gas and liquid hydrocarbon pipeline delivery performance on its 6,000 kilometers of pipelines, of cials turned to Capstone Turbine Corporation for an electric-power solution.

More than 20 compressor stations push natural gas and petroleum products through YPFB Transporte’s pipeline network. Bolivia depends on the pipelines to supply major cities and to generate income from export sales to Brazil and Argentina. Today, 35 Capstone C65 natural gas-fueled microturbines provide electricity at many of the compressor stations that pump the natural gas through the pipelines.

In many areas of South America, unmanned pumping stations are in remote locations and require a reliable, low-maintenance onsite electricity source fueled by the raw natural gas pumped through the pipelines to ensure round-the-clock operation.

YPFB Transporte had witnessed the successful implementation of Capstone natural gas microturbines in the jungle and mountains on the neighboring Gasyrg Pipeline, which exports natural gas from Bolivian gas elds to markets in Brazil.

At a glance


Pipeline compressor & pumping stations across Bolivia


First units installed in 2006


Raw natural gas from pipelines


• Thirty- ve Capstone C65 natural gas microturbines that power compressors at pumping stations.


• The Capstone microturbines cost about 40% less than what it costs to maintain traditional generators on the pipeline.

• The pipeline runs more ef ciently with Capstone microturbine generators, which are more reliable, require less downtime for maintenance, use less natural gas, and produce substantially fewer carbon emissions than traditional generators.

• The microturbines have experienced excellent reliability during 15,000 hours of operation, making the delivery of gas services more reliable to customers.

• The Capstone microturbines will pay for themselves in about 5 years.

Image | Government/Municipal Oil & Gas Bolivia Pipeline Compressor & Pumping Stations

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