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U.S. Government Of ce Relies on UPSource

Microturbines have signi cantly lowered the chance that 120-mph hurricane winds or crippling power outages will once again shut down a key United States government of ce.

In the past, disasters have pummeled the of ce, which features a laboratory that analyzes items to ensure national security.

For years, the laboratory completely relied on electricity from the local utility to power the building and sensitive laboratory instruments.

Disaster rst struck in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina destroyed

the previous location. Just two years later, Hurricane Ike battered the Center’s new of ces. For nearly a month after Ike, surrounding homes and businesses were without utility electricity. Businesses with liquid- fueled emergency generators couldn’t nd replacement fuels.

After years of design engineering, a new laboratory opened in April 2009 in the Southern United States.

Needing a power source for the new laboratory more reliable than the local utility, and to gain greater control over energy costs, of cials decided a change was needed. They turned to Capstone Turbine for microturbine-produced onsite power for emergencies and to reduce peak demand from the utility.

In February 2009, Capstone installed its UPSource, an independent, IT-grade power source that doesn’t rely on the electrical utility and eliminates the need for large banks of DC-storage batteries.

UPSource is highly reliable. Even with the loss of a single microturbine, the Capstone installation remains a continuously running up-time

Six Capstone C65 microturbines generate continuous power at this U.S. government of ce.

At a glance


Southern United States


April 2009


Natural gas


• UPSource that features 6 Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® that generate up to 390kW of continuous power.

• Capstone Heat Recovery Modules installed on each microturbine use exhaust heat and speci c control functions to re-use otherwise wasted energy to heat water for laboratory use.


• Independent IT-grade power source with no reliance on electric utility.

• Nearly eight 9s of reliability for N+1 con gurations.

• 100% up-time solution.

• On average, 20% less cost of ownership

than traditional UPS in N+1 requirements.

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