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Trolza ECObus-5250

As the number of motor vehicles and ensuing noxious exhaust grows in Russia, the need for environmentally clean, convenient, and cost-ef cient public transportation remains a priority for urban transport developers. Buses, large electric trolleys, and smaller streetcars are an integral part of Russia’s mass transportation network, but they lack the capacity to meet the country’s accelerating transportation demands.

TROLZA’s ECObus-5250 may be the answer. ECObus combines the maneuverability of a traditional bus and the on-the- y continuous power of an electric trolley or streetcar. Rather than relying on utility electricity or an internal combustion engine for power like many European hybrids, the clean-and-green bus operates entirely with batteries charged by an onboard Capstone C65 Microturbine.

The ECObus-5250, developed by CJSC TROLZA, is Russia’s rst eco- friendly hybrid bus. “Urban transport must be green, comfortable, and economical,” said Sergey Klyucharyev, Engineering Director, CJSC TROLZA. “That’s why we chose Capstone microturbines for our new ECObus.”

Fueled by natural gas stored in onboard gas cylinders, the microturbine recharges batteries that have run low, which allows the bus to continue rolling quietly and smoothly through city streets without stopping for battery recharges.

“The microturbine increases the distance buses can travel without refueling, which reduces our fuel consumption up to 40 percent,” Klyucharyev said. “The absence of oil and cooling uids means simpler

At a glance




March 2010


Natural gas


• C65 Capstone MicroTurbine®.


• Fuel ef ciency of a Capstone energized hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) is 40–80% higher than conventional drivetrain vehicles.

• Service costs of a Capstone energized HEV can be 70% lower than a conventional engine.

• ECObus combines the maneuverability of a standard bus and on-the- y continuous power of an electric trolley or streetcar.

• Regardless of the type of fuel burned, the environmental attributes of ECObus meet stringent Euro-4 emission standards.

• ECObus emissions are 12 times less than traditional diesel-fueled busses.

• The microturbines reduce fuel consumption up to 40%.

Image | HEV Trolza ECObus-5250

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