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Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort Hotel

In southern Chile, on the slopes of Lonquimay Volcano and within a breathtaking national reserve is the Corralco Mountain & Ski Resort Hotel. In this extraordinary intersection that merges rugged mountains and centuries old forests, visitors to the 60-room, 5,525-square-meter (59,470-square-foot) luxury hotel are surrounded by one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world.

Isolated from the utility grid and over 120 kilometers (75 miles) from the nearest city, project developers faced a unique set of challenges when they were exploring how to power the remote hotel.

Situated in the abundant Malalcahuello Nalcas Natural Reserve lled with wildlife and vegetation, including pumas, condors, foxes and the country’s endangered native “Monkey Puzzle” (Araucaria) tree, it was critical to build an environmentally friendly venue that fostered long-term sustainability.

With the nearest utility power supply 10 kilometers (6 miles)

from the site, installing power lines for grid connection would be economically and geographically challenging, and disrupt the Reserve’s treasured ecosystem.

After conducting endless hours of research, the project team found its clean-and-green power source in four highly ef cient, quiet, and low-emission Capstone C65 microturbines installed in an integrated combined heat and power (CHP) application. The microturbines provided the hotel a reliable prime power source that would ensure the site’s rich ora and fauna could be cherished by future generations.

At a glance


Región de la Araucanía, Chile


May 2013


Lique ed Petroleum Gas (LPG).


• Four 65kW Capstone MicroTurbines® con gured in an ICHP application.

• Capstone Logic Controller (CLC).


• The Capstone microturbine array supports 100% of power demand.

• At full load, the system produces about 1,752 Gigawatt Hours (GWh) of electricity and 3,504GWh of thermal energy annually.

• Array produces 200kW of electricity and 400kW of thermal energy.

• Energy ef ciency of the system ranges from 70-80%.

• The C65’s provide ultra-low noise emissions (<65 dB).

• Installation of the Capstone microturbines is equivalent to removing 350 cars from the road or planting 365 acres of forest.

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