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Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia

As a ve-star luxury hotel, the world-renowned Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia uses a tremendous amount of energy each day

for cooking, heating, lights, laundry, showers, swimming pools, and more. Management of this opulent, 364-room Philadelphia icon, wanting to gain control of energy costs and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, turned to E-Finity Distributed Generation to install Capstone MicroTurbines® to generate the hotel’s own onsite power.

In October 2009, the eight-story hotel had three Capstone C65 ICHP natural-gas microturbines installed on its roof at One Logan Square

in downtown Philadelphia.

The microturbines’ combined heat and power (CHP) technology allows the hotel to generate nearly 200kW of electrical power, which takes care of 30 percent of the hotel’s overall electricity needs. Exhaust heat from the microturbines is captured and used to heat water for laundry and other hotel operations. In fact, the energy-ef cient CHP application provides 100 percent of the building’s day-to-day domestic hot water and 15 percent of its heating needs.

Before installing the C65 microturbines, the hotel relied heavily on the city of Philadelphia’s steam loop and the local electric grid to meet its energy needs. Today, the hotel uses natural gas to produce its own electrical and thermal power.

At a glance


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


October 5, 2009


Natural gas


• 3 C65 ICHP Capstone Microturbines.

• Heat Recovery Modules installed on each C65 capture the microturbines’

waste heat as part of a CHP application.


• Saved US$80,000 during the rst

2 months of microturbine operation.

• 195kW of electricity.

• More than 1.2MM BTU/hour of

recovered thermal energy

• Ultra-low emissions (< 9 ppmv NOx

at 15% O2).

• Electricity costs 20% less than utility power.

• The CHP system provides 100% of the

hotel’s domestic hot water needs, 30% of

electrical needs, and 15% of heating needs.

• Quiet – only 65db at 10 meters.

• Small footprint – 3 C65s with heat

exchangers t in 37-square-meter space on rooftop.

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