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Remote Russian Ski Resort

More than 50 kilometers north of St. Petersburg, Russia, and the nearest utility line, Capstone microturbines provide power that brings luxury to a remote, off-the-grid ski resort.

In November 2006, an onsite power system was installed at

Sport Center Igora in the Leningrad region. The 2.3MW power plant consists of 30 Capstone C60 and eight C65 microturbines that are the sole source of power and heat for the luxury hotel and other resort facilities, located 54 kilometers from St. Petersburg – and the nearest power line.

“Our aim was to provide the ski resort with a reliable supply of power and heat,” said Valeriy Ignatenko, Chief Power Engineer for

the resort, who researched a variety of power systems before settling on Capstone microturbines. “The ski resort is far from the utility

grid, so connection to the grid would be very problematic and not economically viable. We selected Capstone microturbines as the power- generating equipment because of their high level of reliability, ease of operation and maintenance, and low operational costs.”

Fuel flexibility also was an important factor in the decision.

“Because of an inability to obtain natural gas, we decided to use liquefied methane since it’s the most economically viable fuel for us,” he said.

In addition to liquefied methane, the 38 microturbines can run on liquefied propane-butane as a back-up fuel.

At a glance


Sport Center Igora, Leningrad region St. Petersburg, Russia


September 2008


• Lique ed methane

• Lique ed propane-butane as back-up fuel


• 30 Capstone C60 and 8 C65 MicroTurbines® provide all power needs for the resort.

• Thermal energy from the microturbines heat buildings and supplies hot water through

a combined heat and power (CHP) application.

• The system uses a Russian-manufactured heat exchanger.


• The 2.32MW onsite power system

covers all the ski resort’s electricity needs.

• The microturbines power the hotel, ski lifts, cottages, of ce buildings, cafes, restaurants, skating rink, and illuminate the slopes at night.

• The power plant is a cogeneration application, where – in addition to producing electricity – heat exchangers capture the microturbines’ thermal “waste” energy, which is then used onsite. More than 4MW of thermal energy provides the hot water supply and heat for several buildings including the hotel, restaurant, cafes, and swimming pool.

• The system has experienced 100% reliability since being commissioned.

Thirty-eight Capstone microturbines provide the luxury ski resort, Sport Center Igora in Russia – 54 kilometers from the nearest powerline – with all its power needs at this CHP application.

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