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Ritz-Carlton San Francisco Hotel

Ranked high on Condé Nast Traveler’s 2012 Gold List of ‘The World’s Best Places to Stay,’ it’s clear Ritz-Carlton San Francisco doesn’t limit luxury to amenities alone.

Located in upscale Nob Hill, the five-star Ritz-Carlton San Francisco’s track record as the epitome of elite hospitality is matched by its progressive environmental stewardship.

The trend-setting luxury hotel was the first in the world to install the sophisticated Capstone MicroTurbine®-based UTC Power Company PureComfortTM combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) system to conserve energy and protect the environment.

“We’ve always been at the forefront of sustainability, so it made sense to upgrade our traditional power to highly-efficient microturbines to lower energy consumption,” said John Traynor, Director of Engineering, Ritz-Carlton San Francisco.

Redefining the luxury hotel experience

At the core of the CCHP system, four Capstone C60 Microturbines generate electricity and heat to provide base-load power and air- conditioning that support much of the hotel’s captivating 440,000-square-foot grounds.

Using natural gas, the CCHP system provides the exquisite 336- room hotel with 240kW of electricity and 120 refrigeration tons (RT) of cooling year-round at 80 percent efficiency, which is near maximum overall efficiency for this type of system.

At a glance


San Francisco, California, USA


October 2005


Natural gas


• UTC Power Company PureComfortTM power solution comprised of 4 Capstone C60 Microturbines, Carrier Corporation double-effect absorption chiller, 2 fuel gas boosters, and control hardware

and software.


• The CCHP system generates 240kW of electricity and 120 RTs of cooling year- round at 80% ef ciency.

• Since installing the CCHP system,

the hotel has reduced its power consumption by 20% – equivalent to electricity required to power 200 average American homes annually.

• The luxury urban hotel has saved an estimated US$120,000 each year in energy costs.

• The microturbine CCHP system emits 40% less CO2 a year – approximately 800 tons – than conventional power systems.

• The CCHP con guration meets 70% of the hotel’s cooling demand and is designed to satisfy base-load chiller demand for the whole year.

• The system achieves a coef cient of performance (COP) of approximately 1.3.

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