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Villa Olmi Resort Florence, Italy

The Villa Olmi Resort has a history that dates back to the 15th century. The newly renovated facilities converted the original private villa into a luxury resort hotel that combines its rich heritage with the latest technologies, including microturbines. Three 60kW Capstone MicroTurbines® with integrated hot water heat recovery provide heat to the building and swimming pool, as well as drive an absorption chiller for cooling in the summer. The onsite power system is also able to operate independently of the utility grid to provide for the critical needs of Villa Olmi’s guests in case of power outages.

This installation is an excellent example of how new technology such as microturbines can co-exist with strict historic preservation requirements;

in this case being monitored by the Government Service for Monuments

in Florence, Italy.

Three Capstone C60 microturbines generate cooling, heating, and power for Villa Olmi Resort in Florence, Italy.

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