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HOW TO IDENTIFY A GROW OP A grow op not only damages the host home, but the community it’s set up in.

Learn to spot the signs of a grow op. An initiative by The Government of Alberta

1. ENHANCED SECURITY - Marijuana grow ops often have enhanced security to detect investigation by police or to deter break-ins by other criminals. Security measures may include high fences, ood lights, locks on doors, bars on windows, security cameras and “beware of dog” signs.

2. PILED GARBAGE - Garbage may be stockpiled on the property due to irregular disposal. Garbage may contain some or all of the following items: soil, pots, fertilizer and/or chemical containers, wiring, PVC piping or other construction material.

3. UNTIDY PROPERTY - The property may be untidy inside and outside. For example, the interior may look messy, yards may not be maintained through the seasons, there may be uncollected mail or piles of newspapers and yers by the door.

4. ODD SMELL - The smell of marijuana (a strong skunk-like odor) may occasionally be detected around the home.

5. VISIBLE WATER or ELECTRICAL CORDS - Water and/or electrical cords may be visible running to or from the basement or outbuilding where marijuana is grown.

6. POWER SURGES - There may be localized power surges and/or brown-outs in the neighborhood

where a grow operation is present due to the high levels of power required to maintain these operations.

7. METER TAMPERING - Hydro or electrical meters are often tampered with or bypassed, allowing the grow operator to steal the water or electricity required to maintain the marijuana grow op.

8. WINDOW CONDENSATION - There may be condensation on the windows due to high humidity levels in the home.

9. UNUSUAL LIGHTING - Bright lights may be seen from some or all of the windows, which may turn on or o at the same time, or may be left on continuously.

10. EXTERIOR STAINS - There may be signs of sweating, staining, condensation or “wet spots” on the siding, stucco or foundations of the home.

11. IMPROVISED VENTS - Marijuana grow operations may have vents in the roof, windows or unusual locations in the home.

12. WINTER MELTING - During winter, a marijuana grow operation may not have any snow on its roof, or there may be extensive melting/steam rising around the roof vents compared to other homes in the area. There may also be icicles hanging from vents, eaves or chimney stacks. This is caused by excessive heat from lighting used to grow the plants.

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