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Machland Fruit and Vegetable


Delicacies GmbH

The antiquated production plant for Machland Fruit and Vegetable Delicacies GmbH, along with severe grid failures, threatened to spoil the fruits of the company’s labor. The prominent producer of over

10 gourmet fruit and vegetable specialties knew a secure and efficient energy system was needed to continue to deliver products that met its high-quality specifications and extreme energy demand.

The plant – nestled in Naarn, Austria – produces an astounding 20,000 glass-packed products each hour and 120,000 bags of

product daily. This high volume production requires vast amounts of continuous power to operate its extensive network of processing and packaging equipment.

“The energy costs of our products are very high and our plant equipment was outdated,” explained Andreas Kirsenhofer, Technical Plant Manager at Machland. “We searched for a combined solution of turbines and a steam boiler to save energy costs.”

With the capacity to generate 200kW of electricity, a Capstone

C200 MicroTurbine® was installed in a combined cooling, heat, and power (CCHP) application to reduce energy costs and the plant’s reliance on erratic local grid power, which failed on average twice a week.

“Machland wanted to install a new steam boiler system for its production,” said Franz Weixelbaumer, Astebo Sales Manager. Astebo is the manufacturer of Machland’s primary boiler and worked closely with Wels Strom GmbH, the region’s Capstone distributor to design and build the new facility enhancement. “The production of steam did not provide enough energy efficiency, so we decided to establish an overall

At a glance


Naarn, Austria


May 2010


Natural Gas


• One C200 Capstone microturbine in a CCHP application.

• Absorption chiller.

• Heat exchanger.

• Steam boiler.


• The cogeneration facility generates 200kW of electricity annually.

• Stand-alone application and CCHP system together reduce electricity costs.

• Energy ef ciency ranges from 90%–96%.

• System utilization is greater than 40%.

• System’s exhaust heat warms on-site steam

boiler that heats anaerobic digester to break

down food waste.

• Site received two distinguished awards based

on ef cient and sustainable use of resources and energy.

Image | Machland Fruit and Vegetable Manufacturing Delicacies GmbH

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