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A. Obenhauf GmbH & Company Manufacturing Plant

The dense forests of Germany’s enchanting Harz Mountains have been a stunning backdrop for countless captivating stories – from the classic fairytale Snow White to the real-life chronicle of 135-year-old manufacturer A. Obenhauf GmbH & Company.

Established as a cardboard manufacturing plant in Bad Harzburg in the 19th Century, Obenhauf has methodically adapted its factory over the decades to keep pace with the times. Originally, trees

from the nearby forest were used to create pulp. Today, recycled waste paper is the base of its pulp, paper, and board manufacturing processes, which are powered by four Capstone C65 MicroTurbines®.

When the time came to replace its conventional burner, Obenhauf researched a myriad of options to power its production lines. A power source that could sustain high temperatures throughout the extensive drying process was a must. “We looked at other products, but they did not deliver the high temperatures needed,” said Tobias Neidhardt, CEO of A. Obenhauf GmbH & Company. “We searched a long time, but other systems – like gas motors – had the heating energy on the wrong temperature value for us. Because we need consistently high temperatures for our drying systems, we chose the Capstone microturbines.”

Installed in a combined heat and power (CHP) application, the four natural gas C65 microturbines supply 600kW of thermal power for the drying process and 250kW of electricity to the cardboard manufacturing plant.

As the reclaimed waste paper is processed it is made into pulp, formed into sheets, and dried. The method requires enormous

At a glance


Bad Harzburg, Germany


April 2011


Natural Gas


• Four C65 Capstone microturbines.


• A 135-year-old cardboard mill in Germany utilizing recycled waste paper for its

paper and board manufacturing processes.


• Four Capstone C65 microturbines installed in a CHP application supply 600kW

of thermal power to the plant’s drying system and 250kW of electricity for the production line.

• Exhaust system can be used to heat the facility when the production line is idle.

• The C65’s ability to sustain high temperatures meets the drying system’s demanding performance requirements.

• Ultra-low emissions from the microturbines help the plant meet Germany’s strict emission requirements as well as the company’s commitment to preserve

the environment.

• Flexibility of the C65 provides the plant

the ability to use the microturbines where they are needed most, and can be alternated between the two production lines and heat exchanger.

Image | Manufacturing A. Obenhauf GmbH & Company Manufacturing Plant

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