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F-D-S Manufacturing Company

For F-D-S Manufacturing Company in Pomona, California, trigeneration is more than generating onsite electrical, thermal, and cooling power from a single fuel – it’s the company’s clean-and-green way to battle California brownouts and produce packaging material with a competitive edge.

Already an environmentally thoughtful industry leader, ambitious F-D-S Manufacturing owners were determined to make their recyclable, Earth-friendly paper and plastic packaging products for industrial and agriculture customers even greener.

In 2009, the company planned to install a new plastics extruder line that required large amounts of electricity, hot air, and cold water. After a widespread search, executives selected six Capstone C65 MicroTurbines® to meet the facility’s forecasted combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) needs, and significantly shrink its carbon footprint and energy bill – a cleaner way to do business.

Today, members of the family-owned business say they made

the right choice with the low-emission Capstone microturbines. The microturbines have safeguarded the company’s power supply, cut costs, and reinforced its reputation as a leader in the green packaging market since installed in December 2009.

Brownout barricade

According to Kevin Stevenson, F-D-S Manufacturing Vice President of Engineering, the need for a reliable, Earth-friendly power source that could operate even during brownouts launched the clean-

energy project.

At a glance


Pomona, California, USA


December 2009


Natural gas


• 6 C65 Capstone microturbines in a CCHP application.

• 2 Sigma Energy heat exchangers.

• Thermax LT10C absorption chiller.


• Grid-connected CCHP system generates 320kW of electricity and supports 20% of the site’s total power usage.

• Microturbines operate at near 80% ef ciency.

• CCHP system saves F-D-S Manufacturing

an estimated US$35,000 per month – a 1/6

reduction of the facility’s entire energy bill.

• Microturbine exhaust heat is used in the

plastic extrusion process in which recyclable plastic is dried using 280–320°F [138–160°C] heat byproduct from 2 microturbines connected to Sigma Energy heat exchangers.

• Heat from 4 microturbines produces 198°F (92°C) water, which is pumped to an absorption chiller to produce chilled water that cools plastic during the extrusion process.

• The CCHP system replaced old piston-type chilling equipment and natural dryers –

a drastic improvement to the company’s carbon footprint and image.

Image | Manufacturing F-D-S Manufacturing Company

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