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Recla Manufacturing Plant

A staple of Silandro, Italy for over 400 years, the Recla family knew the time was right to expand its manufacturing facilities to increase production of its world-renowned gourmet meat products. Located in a valley in the remote South Tyrol region of the Italian Alps, access to electricity was limited and costly. So the Recla manufacturing plant turned to a Capstone MicroTurbine® natural gas C1000 Power Package to empower its expansion.

A primary industry in the area, Recla produces ham, sausages, bacon, salami, prosciutto, and other high-end meat products in the Alto Adige Region of Italy that are distributed globally.

“Recla decided to invest again in this area and double its factory to increase production, but there was an energy problem,” said llario Vigani, CEO and President of IBT Group, the Capstone distributor

in Italy. “This area has weak energy resources, and electrical energy is not readily available.”

With annual production in excess of 1 million pieces, Recla is

the world’s second largest producer of speck – a dry-cured, lightly smoked prosciutto. Created from a treasured family recipe passed down through generations, the distinct flavor of Recla’s popular “Speck Alto Adige” is a savory combination of top-quality ingredients and an innovative curing process enriched by the region’s unique

arid climate.

Installed as a combined heat and power (CHP) application,

the Capstone system provides Recla one megawatt of electricity

to supplement power. At the same time, a saturated steam generator uses the turbine’s waste heat to create steam used in the manufacturing process. In addition, a heat recovery module captures the waste heat to produce hot water.

At a glance


Silandro, Italy


July 2010


Natural Gas


• A Capstone C1000 Power Package.

• Saturated Steam Generator.

• Capstone Heat Recovery Module.


• The combined heat and power system produces about 1MW of electricity, mainly for refrigeration, and 1,430kW of thermal power in the form of steam and hot water used in the manufacturing process.

• The system recovers over 80% of the primary energy source and saves about €300,000 annually.

• The system does not require lube oil or coolant, it saves about 350 tonnes equivalent of petrol (TEP) and 1,000 tonnes (1,102 tons) of CO2 each year.

• The site is no longer crippled by production- halting blackouts and power failures.

• Emissions reduction from the C1000 is equivalent to removing 700 cars from the road or planting 730 acres of forest.

• The low-emissions and high ef ciency system supports Recla’s environmental responsibility values.

Image | Manufacturing Recla Manufacturing Plant

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