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Rouen, France

In July 2008, Capstone’s distributor in France commissioned an array of Capstone microturbines in a paper mill located in Rouen, France. The microturbines run on methane

gas created by solid waste to generate 910kW of electricity. The hot water recovered from the biogas combined heat and power plant partially feeds the sludge gasi er and the

rest is used for the paper mill process. The Capstone turbogenerator has just one moving part supported by our patented air bearings. Since there are no liquid lubricants or coolants to maintain, the microturbines are a low- maintenance, clean, green, and reliable

source of energy. Those were the features

that were important to the customer which prompted the choice of this environmentally- friendly technology.

Capstone microturbines running on methane gas generate electricity and hot water for this paper mill in France.

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