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Yakutcement Cement Manufacturing Facility

With frigid subzero temperatures dominating winter months, the remote Mohsogollokh Village in the Republic of Sakha – Yakutia, Russia, is a place of harsh weather and a historically unreliable and expensive centralized power grid. Extreme weather conditions that often reach -60°C (-76°F) have deteriorated the local utility grid to a point of feeble performance, resulting in frequent, crippling blackouts.

To establish power stability and reduce energy costs, Yakutcement – the local cement and crushed stone manufacturing business – installed two Capstone C1000 Power Packages in a highly ef cient combined heat and power (CHP) application. Today, the Capstone CHP system provides uninterrupted electric and thermal power to the plant while warming the frigid town of 7,000 residents.

“The Capstone MicroTurbines® signi cantly increased the reliability of our boiler house,” said Andrey Naumov, Chief Power Engineer at the facility. “We’re a very important facility to the local communal infrastructure because we supply heat not only to our plant but also to the nearest village.”

The two megawatt (MW) microturbine power system has

operated as a prime power source since January 2011, relieving the manufacturing plant from debilitating blackouts. With promised power reliability and a safeguarded heat supply for the village, the cement plant, which employs a majority of local residents, is considered a community hero.

At a glance


Mohsogollokh Village, Republic of Sakha, Yakutia, Russia


January 2011


Natural gas


• Two Capstone C1000 Power Packages.

• Two UT-76 heat recovery units manufactured

by Uhta Experimental Mechanical Plant in Russia.


• The CHP system generates 2MW of high-quality electricity for onsite boiler equipment.

• 3,400kW of thermal power generated

by the 2 microturbines is used 3 ways:

to increase ef ciency of the plant’s boiler, heat the manufacturing facility, and provide heat to several village buildings.

• The microturbines ful ll 100% of the boiler equipment’s power needs.

• The CHP system achieves nearly 90% ef ciency.

• The cement plant is expected to reach return on investment in 3 years.

Image | Manufacturing Yakutcement Cement Manufacturing Facility

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