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MTS Argonon

With ports around the world instituting strict emissions requirements, port authorities, regulators, and owners are fueling a high-tide demand for environmentally friendly vessels.

Capstone Turbine Corporation has plunged into the marine industry to help navigate the stringent regulations and support green ship innovations.

First dual-fuel ship on European inland waterways installs microturbines

To deeply limit greenhouse gas emissions, two Capstone C30 liquid natural gas (LNG) MicroTurbines® were installed by the

Dutch distributor Pon Power on a dual-fuel Type C Tanker for inland shipping this year. This innovative project is the rst of its kind for

a Type C Tanker.

Today, the MTS Argonon, named by its founder, Deen Shipping, cleanly cruises the Rhine River in compliance with Central Commission for the Navigation on the Rhine (CCNR) regulations. Its main engines run on an environmentally-healthy mixture of 80 percent natural gas and 20 percent diesel, achieving signi cant NOx, CO, CO2, and CH4 emissions reductions. This sustainable ship relies on its two Capstone microturbines for auxiliary power and to further reduce emissions and fuel costs.

At a glance


Rotterdam, Netherlands


November 2011


Liquid natural gas


• Two Capstone C30 microturbines.

• Two heat exchangers with 55kW

thermal capacity.

• A small standard absorption chiller with

18kW cooling capacity.


• First dual-fuel driven ship on European inland waterways to install microturbines.

• Compliant with Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine (CCNR) regulations without exhaust aftertreatment.

• Microturbines approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping.

• The microturbine combined cooling, heating, and power (CCHP) system gives the Argonon high fuel ef ciency for onboard power generation.

• Absence of engine lubricant helps limit surface water pollution.

• The microturbines ensure onboard comfort since there’s essentially no vibration and very low noise.

• Microturbines generate auxiliary power for the ship to reduce emissions and fuel costs.

• Microturbines operate in N+1 setting and serve as the onboard electrical supply.

• The microturbines’ exhaust is used to heat

water onboard, which is then used to heat the LNG vaporizer.

Image | Marine MTS Argonon

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