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Medical Cannabis Bill SB1381

TOO MANY PROBLEMS — TOO MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS! Prepared by Educating Voices for Illinois Partners Educating about Marijuana (630 420-9493)

1. Marijuana is not an FDA approved medicine.

It does not serve the interests of the public’s health to ignore the long established FDA process and expose patients to unsafe and ineffective drug products. Since 1938 the United States has relied upon the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to rigorously test new drugs and show them to be safe and effective for their intended use before approving and labeling them.

When physicians take the serious step of prescribing a “medicine,” they know exactly what they are offering their patients. Prescriptions must be standardized in composition (potency and quality), formulation, and dose, and they must be administered by means of an effective and safe delivery system. Measures to medicalize marijuana stand in stark opposition to the standards of modern medical practice. Without the FDA process we have a laissez-faire “buyer beware” approach to public health.

Rob Kampia, the co-founder and Executive Director of MPP, explained their marijuana goals in a January 10, 2010 Washington Examiner interview.

Do you feel the Marijuana Policy Project has played a big role in the recent changes states have made regarding marijuana laws?

We’re not going to take all the credit, but ... There are 13 states with medical marijuana laws and 13 that have decriminalized it. By the end of this year we hope medical marijuana will be legal in 15 states, including D.C., and marijuana decriminalized in 15.

What’s ahead for the next 15 years?

We’re launching a new strategy plan that follows two tracks. First, we’re going to push hard to get states to end marijuana prohibition completely. The second track will be to get a larger batch of states to pass medical marijuana laws so changing federal law will be inevitable.

Do you still smoke marijuana?


A. The marijuana will be grown in homes, apartments and condominiums.

B. Indoor grow operations are almost impossible to enforce.

C. Indoor grow operations produce “Super Pot.” The psychoactive ingredient,

THC, is increased when plants are grown hydroponically using hyper- fertilization and long-cycle indoor grow lights. In 1983, the average THC level was below 4 percent. In 2009, it is over 10 percent with some levels exceeding 30 percent.

D. A pound of midgrade marijuana sells for about $750 compared to $5,000 to $6,000 for hydroponically grown marijuana.

E. Growing marijuana indoors creates hazardous conditions. Power lines are tapped into for electrical power. The high levels of moisture required produce mold, and hyper-fertilization leaves behind toxic chemicals.

F. Indoor grow operations destabilize neighborhoods, devalue property and are prime targets for kids and criminals.

Property owners can not refuse to lease an apartment or house to a patient or caregiver and the owner of a commercial property can not refuse to lease to a dispensary on the basis the tenants will be growing marijuana on the property and the site may attract criminal behavior.

2. Who is spearheading the effort to pass “medical” marijuana in Illinois? The Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) is leading the effort.

3. Marijuana grown in locked facilities poses grave concerns. (Page 4, lines 9-12)

4. The Illinois “medical” marijuana bills deny citizens and municipalities long established rights. (Page 9, Lines 2-7)


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