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International Journal of Electrical Engineering.

ISSN 0974-2158 Volume 5, Number 1 (2012), pp. 95-110 © International Research Publication House

Micro-Turbine Generation using Simulink S.A. Shakur1 and Dr. Sanjay K. Jain2

Electrical and Instrumentation Dept.,

Thapar University, Patiala, Punjab, India



Microturbine technology is becoming more potential and viable distributed energy source in the recent years. This is due to their salient features such as high operating efficiency, ultra low emission levels, low initial cost and small size. Micro-turbines are small high-speed versions of conventional heavy-duty gas turbines. Hence the dynamic model of a conventional gas turbine, with relatively small thermodynamic constants, can be adopted to study the impacts of a microturbine on the overall system. A model of a heavy-duty gas turbine suitable is presented for use in dynamic power studies.

Keywords: Microturbine, Gas turbine, Distributed Generation, Renewable Generation.


The small gas-fired micro-turbines ranging in size from 25-500 kW will provide the electric power industry with a variety of opportunities to meet the challenges of the competitive market. These generators have a low initial cost and are highly efficient, multi-fuelled, reliable and light weight. It takes very clever engineering and use of innovative design (e.g. air bearing, recuperation) to achieve reasonable efficiency and costs in machines of lower output. A big advantage of these systems is small-sized because these technologies mainly use high-speed turbines (50,000-120,000 RPM) with air foil bearings. Therefore, micro-turbines are one of the most promising of the renewable electric generation technologies for applications today [1]. Fig. 1 shows a block diagram of micro-turbine system that consists of air compressor, recuperator, combustor, turbine, generator, and a PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) and its features are summarized below.

Image | Micro-Turbine Generation using Simulink

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