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The Troubleshooting Guide is intended to provide Capstone Authorized Service Providers (ASP’s) with the knowledge to troubleshoot the MicroTurbine using the system fault codes.

This manual addresses the following categories:

• Troubleshooting Procedures

• Series 1000 Fault Codes through Series 16000 Fault Codes

The Troubleshooting Procedures section addresses the following items:

• Troubleshooting A MicroTurbine That Does Not Wake Up.

• Troubleshooting A MicroTurbine With A Low Power Output.

• Troubleshooting With Fault Codes.

• List of System Fault Codes.

• Software Menus.

• System Block Diagrams.

The Fault Codes section of the manual addresses details of fault code troubleshooting techniques for Series 1000 through Series 16000 fault codes.

Troubleshooting the Capstone MicroTurbine occurs in distinct stages as follows:

1. Define the problem by identifying the symptoms.

2. Search for the probable causes.

3. Analyze the probable causes.

4. Implement solutions which may include adjustments, repairs or replacements.

Tip: Always try to troubleshoot and correct the external components first. Then try to troubleshoot the more complex internal assemblies.

Related Information

Information pertaining to the repair and replacement of parts is found in the MicroTurbine Service Manual (430002).

Information pertaining to proper installation, initial commissioning and establishing set up parameters of the MicroTurbine is found in the Capstone Technical Reference documentation.

Information pertaining to the system operation by owners/users is found in the MicroTurbine User’s Manual (400001).

To obtain Service Bulletins please refer to the Capstone website at:

To request additional help please contact:

Capstone Technical Support

Telephone: (818) 407-3600 Facsimile: (818) 734-1080

Toll Free Telephone: (877) 282-8966 E-Mail:


WARNING: Troubleshooting Capstone MicroTurbines may only be carried out by Capstone Authorized Service Providers (ASP’s). To prevent the risk of personal injury or death, or damage to equipment, observe all safety precautions as described in the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS section of this manual. Consult Capstone Technical Support if you are in doubt in carrying out any part of the troubleshooting procedures.

Observe Safety Precautions - Refer to Important Safety Instructions for Details 430001-001 Rev B (Sep 2002) 1 Troubleshooting Guide

Capstone Turbine Corporation reserves the right to change or modify without notice the design, the product specifications, and/or the contents of this document without incurring any obligation either with respect to equipment previously sold or in the process of construction.

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