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Certificate Number 20060328

Report Reference AU2687, 2001 October 03

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Issue Date

2006 March 28

Issued to:

This is to certify that representative samples of

Standard(s) for Safety:

Additional Information:

Microturbine Generator with Software Version 4.5 Stationary Engine Generator Assemblies, MicroTurbine Generators, Models 60 or 65, may be followed by C or R, may be followed by F, H, P or S, may be followed by G or D, may be followed by 4, may be followed by B, D, E, S or Z, may be followed by H or U may be followed by 0 or G, may be followed by 0 or

Have been investigated by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.® in accordance with the Standard(s) indicated on this Certificate.

UL 2200 "Stationary Engine Generators Assemblies", First Edition dated September1, 1998

Capstone Turbine Corp

21211 Nordhoff St Chatsworth, CA 91311 United States

Unit also complies with the applicable utility interactive requirements of UL 1741 " Inverters, Converters and Controllers for Use in Independent Power Systems", First Edition dated May 7, 1999; New York State Standarized Interconnection Requirements and Application Process For New Distributed Generators 2 MW or less Connected in Parallel with Utility Distribution Systems, dated November 2004

Only those products bearing the UL Listing Mark for the US and Canada should be considered as being covered by UL's Listing and Follow-Up Service meeting the appropriate requirements for US and Canada.

The UL Listing Mark for the US and Canada generally includes: the UL in a circle symbol

with “C” and “US” identifiers: the word “LISTED”; a control number (may be alphanumeric) assigned by UL; and the product category name (product identifier) as indicated in the appropriate UL Directory.

Look for the UL Listing Mark on the product

Issued by:

Adalberto Margarito

Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

For questions in The United States of America you may call 1-877-UL-HELPS.

Reviewed by:

Chris Flueckiger Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

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