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1.1 Background of Project



Recently, the world has been focusing on the use of microsources due to their high operating efficiency, improved reliability, and lower emissions [1]. These systems are connected to the existing grid system for fuel displacement purpose. Such systems are usually installed in medium and low voltage power distribution system and called Distributed Generation (DG).

Microturbine generation system is one the most attractive DG units nowadays. This is because microturbines operate with less vibration and low noise, exhibit e very fast response to load variation, requires low maintenance, and runs on a variety of fuels [2]. The potential applications of microturbines include peak shaving, stand-alone power and standby power [3, 4, 5].

Two types of microturbines are available for the design of microturbine generation system. The first type is called single shaft microturbine which has a generator and turbine mounted on the same shaft. The second type is split shaft

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