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Capstone Turbine Corporation • 21211 Nordhoff Street • Chatsworth • CA 91311 • USA Telephone: (818) 734-5300 • Facsimile: (818) 734-5320 • Website:

Service Bulletin SB0066

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All Capstone Model C30 Stationary MicroTurbine systems described as follows:

• Model C30 MicroTurbines with version 4.93 software (see SB0052) may be upgraded to version 5.01 during a scheduled visit – upgrading is recommended.

• Model C30 MicroTurbines with versions 4.95, 4.96, 4.98, and 4.99 software deviations MUST be upgraded to version 5.01 software.


Version 5.01 software replaces versions 4.93, 4.95, 4.96, 4.98, and 4.99, and incorporates all related changes from these versions. Version 5.01 is released to support all Model C30 Stationary MicroTurbine systems. Major improvements for the version 5.01 and for the various software versions incorporated in version 5.01 are as follows:

Version 5.01 Updates

1. Modified engine and frame PM read/write algorithm to overcome PM checksum faults (5004, 5012) observed in the field.

2. Fixed inaccurate Battery SOC charge. This was reported by customers not being able to accurately gauge battery health after extended storage.

3. Fixed Auto Restart disable for MultiPac systems. Required a matching change in PowerServer code. For applications using a PowerServer, this feature requires CPS software version 2.20 or later.

4. Auto-Restart Delay is now ignored when a manual start is initiated with Auto-Restart set to NO.

5. In the SPV position calculation, the difference between the pressure upstream and the pressure downstream (delta P) is now limited to positive or null values (previously, it also produced negative values). The improvement results in the correct behavior of the valve and ability to light off.

6. Updated code to allow for Protective Relay Under Voltage Time and Over Voltage Time to be adjusted to as low as 0.09 second (previously, the limit was 0.3 second), as requested by certain utility establishments.

450043-001 Rev A (June 2004) Page 1 of 4

This information is proprietary to Capstone Turbine Corporation. Neither this document nor the information contained herein shall be copied, disclosed to others, or used for any purposes other than the specific purpose for which this document was delivered. Capstone reserves the right to change or modify without notice, the design, the product specifications, and/or the contents of this document without incurring any obligation either with respect to equipment previously sold or in the process of construction.

June 2004

Capstone Technical Support

Model C30 Software Version 5.01 Release Notes

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